5 Steps To Take If Your Flight Is Canceled Due To Weather

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If you have traveled through airline more than 5 times, I am pretty sure you have faced the flight delayed or canceled issue. Travelers have to contend with flight delays or cancellations.Below are the few tips to handle these kinds of unfortunate situations tactfully.

1. Keep all the details handy

Having your all the travel information available quickly can be key in handling a delay or cancellation. There are many free applications available for tracking the delays, and all the keeping all the alerts alive. The application also helps with offers and other updates. For all these, you need to have your all the travel details handy.

2. Call the Airline

All the airlines have a very good customer service department. It is always good to stay in touch with them and keep all the communication records with you for the further assistance on the claim or any other problem.

3. Know your rights

Most airlines have Contract of Carriage, which gives passengers' brief of the rights, which they have in case of things including delays and cancellations. The passengers should go through this to claim in case of any interruption in service.

4. Request for Accommodation

In case if the flight is canceled and If the airline you've booked the ticket with doesn't have any availability but you've found something that works on another carrier, ask an airport agent to rebook you on the other airline's flight. On the first go, it will sound difficult, but there is no harm in asking. This comes in your basic right. You can also ask for the hotel stay or something if it is overnight delayed.

5. Check for the other airport

Sometimes you may get another connecting flight to the other airport which is some 2-3 hours away. It is always better to move to the other airport when you are sure that the flight is canceled due to unavoidable circumstances.

Sometimes it is difficult to handle the situation, as you get tired waiting, there is a lot of frustration due to waste of time. It may happen that the airline staff may not support or may negotiate your rights. But if you handle the situation with the calm head, it is always in control.  There are many other websites and agents also which can be a great help in case if the matter becomes worst. It is certainly not avoidable, but with smart tricks, you can always claim.