Best Insurance Policy Management Software For Agents and Agencies In The World

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Software Name: Smart Agent

SmartAgent is the best Insurance policy management app for agents or agencies. It is the most easy, effective & user-friendly application in the world and it can be easily use for life insurance or general insurance. 

SmartAgent mobile application will help individual insurance agents or agencies to carry our various activities like policy company management, Policy Type management, Customers & their policy management, Policy premium management, Remind the customer about upcoming premium, Sending SMS to customer and give effective services. 

SmartAgent takes all measures to secure your data on our servers. Our servers are protect/ed by using a firewall which is hardware and software system that blocks access by unauthorized parties.

SmartAgent follow all IT Industry policy & policies that keep your data private and confidential. We will not share your data with any third party. Your data is your data only.

SmartAgent provide award winning support to customers, You just call us or mail us and we will solve your problem in no time. 

The application has the following features. 
1. Manage policy company
2. Manage policy plan with plan number
3. Manage customer details
4. Manage Customer’s policy with policy number
5. Manage customer policy premium
6. Manage policy payment status
7. Send SMS & Mail to customers
8. Reminder for upcoming premium
9. Reports