Philippines Is Now Number One Country with Most Miss Universe Title Wins

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After Catriona Gray bagged the Miss Universe 2018 crown today, the Philippines is now hailed to be one of the countries with the most Miss Universe title winners.

Catriona’s victory today hiked the Philippines to the fourth spot following the United States, Venezuela, and Puerto Rico.


Established in 1952, the Miss Universe competition aims to ‘empower women to develop the confidence they need to achieve their personal best‘ and celebrate women and diversity.

Ever since the Miss Universe was born, women from around the world join the competition to advocate for issues that are unheard yet matter.

The Philippines has a total of four crowns now. From Gloria Diaz in 1969, Margarita Moran in 1973, Pia Wurtzbach in 2015, and Catriona Gray in 2018.

The United States is still the top country that has most Miss Universe title winners. They are Miriam Stevenson in 1954, Carol Morris in 1956, Linda Bement in 1960, Sylvia Louise Hitchcock in 1967, Shawn Weatherly in 1980, Chelsi Smith in 1995, Brook Lee in 1997, and Olivia Culpo in 2012.

Venezuela is on the second rank with seven Miss Universe title winners. These are Maritza Sayalero in 1979, Irene Sáez in 1981, Bárbara Palacios in 1986, Alicia Machado in 1996, Dayana Mendoza in 2008, Stefanía Fernández in 2009, and Gabriela Isler in 2013.

Puerto Rico is the third country with the most number of Miss Universe title wins. The Caribbean island has won five titles throughout the year starting from Marisol Malaret in 1970, Deborah Carthy-Deu in 1985, Dayanara Torres in 1993, Denise M. Quiñones in 2001, and Zuleyka Rivera in 2006.

Miss Universe remains to be one of the highly-anticipated pageants in the whole world. Already given that it is an international competition, the pageant’s advocacy, mission, and vision also makes it a platform worth supporting.