Indonesia has a lot more than Bali!

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Often when people think about Indonesia they think of Bali, and in fact, there are even a few people who think Bali is a country! That’s what made me write about it. Bali is just one small island of the many.

Bali is indeed the most beautiful choice one can make! 

Now, great as Bali is below are three other Indonesian islands - each one very different, yet all as incredible as Bali.

Before going into the detail I would like to describe why I was in love with this beautiful country Indonesia!

• Indonesia is an archipelago comprising of thousands of volcanic islands
• Indonesia is the world’s fourth-most-populous country
• It has a wonderful mix of beaches, volcanoes, and jungles apart from this an amazing wildlife too.

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Java is home to the Capital city of the country, Jakarta. Java is also home to 51 percent of Indonesia’s population being the most populated island in the world!

One of the top places to visit on the island has to be; Borobudur, a 9th-century Mahayana Buddhist Temple in central Java. The largest Buddhist temple in the world. The best time to visit is sunrise, for a magical and spiritual experience!

Java is known for its fine art and culture such as batik, ballet, drama, music, poetry, and amazing shadow puppet shows. Some say this island is the most complex and culturally compelling island in Indonesia.

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Sumatra is the largest Indonesian island. This island has many active volcanoes and is largely made up of tropical rainforest with a huge network of crisscrossing rivers, many with wonderfully basic villages nestled on their banks.

Its most famous inhabitant, the orangutan, attracts many tourists to Sumatra as it’s one of only two remaining places in the world where you can still see them in the wild. It is also home to several other critically endangered species such as; the Sumatran Tiger, Sumatran Rhinoceros, Sumatran Elephant and the Sumatran Ground-Cuckoo.

There are many hotels in Medan - the largest city, and it is a great base to explore the entire island. Other than jungle trekking to see the wildlife, other popular tourist attractions include Lake Toba and Sipisopiso.

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Flores has definitely been one of the lesser known islands, named ‘flowers’ by 16th-century Portuguese colonists, who were astonished by the island’s lush, fragrant forests, it is, however, becoming  Indonesia’s ‘next big thing’.

We think this is because its white sandy beaches offer excellent diving and snorkeling, set against a backdrop of volcanoes and dotted with traditional villages.

Also, the west coast of Flores is one of the few places, aside from the island of Komodo itself, where the Komodo dragon can be found in the wild, part of Komodo National Park, these animals are a real spectacle. The experience is like watching real life dragons.

With its amazingly beautiful landscape and beaches around the island, appealing culture complemented with accommodations equipped with all your needs, Indonesia really deserves the title. You should visit this wonderful country and experience the magic of this award-winning travel destination anytime soon.