The best of Lima - A perfect guide to Lima

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Lima, a dynamic and a growing city, the combination of a long, valuable historic legacy with the cultural trends and amenities. Lima is capital of the Republic of Peru in present. It is the former capital of the incredibly rich Spanish Vice Royalty of Peru.It is still called "City of the Kings" and is a large city; according to data, Lima has 8.5 million residents, which make 30% of the total population of Peru.

Enjoy Peruvian cuisine and handicraft from all regions in the downtown of Lima. Enjoy the city nightlife as well. There are many attractions for foreign visitors. Below is the list of must-see places and things to know before visiting Peru / Lima.
1. Plaza Mayor - Plaza de Armas

Also known as Plaza de Armas or Plaza Armada, it has UNESCO World Heritage status, standing on the site once occupied by the Tauri Chusko, the palace of Lima’s chieftain at the time of the Spanish arrival. King Charles of Spain mandated that the new city should grow and expand this center square.
2. Lima Cathedral

Lima Cathedral is a powerful reminder of Spanish colonialism in all its awesome glory. It was built in the late sixteenth century, shortly after the founding of the city. Lima Cathedral is the site of the city´s museum of religious art, showcasing an endless amount of impressive paintings and sculptures, among other religious exhibits, dating as far back as the seventeenth century. 

3. Magic Water Show

The show consists of thirteen spectacular fountains and has Guinness World Record status as the largest fountain complex in the world. At nighttime, there is an incredible display of lit up, colorful, noisy synchrony.

The “Magic Water Show” was opened in 2007 by Luis Castañeda Lossio, Lima’s mayor, as part of a series of projects with the aim of rejuvenating the city. The fountains are located in the Park of the Reserves in downtown Lima. This park was named in honor of the Peruvian reservists who fought in the war of the Pacific.

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4. Barranco – The Romantic Side

In Barranco, you can stroll along the various quays, streets, parks, and squares enjoying beautiful summer sunsets that lead you into a vibrant night scene, with many funky bars, restaurants and nightclubs. The area is well-known as the bohemian quarter of town and has become the base for many artists, musicians, and writers. It became a very popular destination in the nineteenth century for Lima’s aristocracy to establish their summer homes.

It is an ideal location for lovers of the arts and those looking to enjoy the slightly more relaxed side of Lima.

5. Gold Museum, Lima

Miguel Mujica Gallo was a well-known gentleman of Lima, whose passion for history and collecting brought him to various parts of Peru and, indeed, all over the world. In the 1960s he set up a foundation in his name and, in turn, the gold and weapons of the world museums. Today, the museums are among the main highlights of Lima, and an opportunity to take oneself back to a different era in time. Displaying thousands of items from gold artwork to weaponry to textiles, the Gold Museum of Lima is undoubtedly one of the most impressive collections in the Americas.

6. Aliaga House

The Aliaga House has a wide-ranging collection of Peruvian art and artifacts, including the sword Jerónimo de Aliaga used in the conquest of Peru, and reflects various eras of decor, going back centuries.  The Aliaga House is as old as Lima. When conquistador Francisco Pizarro founded the capital city, he gave the plot adjacent to that of the Government Palace to his trusted ally Jerónimo de Aliaga, so they could be neighbors.

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7. Larco Museum

There are many public and private museums in Lima, but none as superb or pleasing as the Larco Museum. Two things really set this museum apart. The First one is, visitors are allowed into the museum's storerooms and allowed to see what is not there on display. The second is, there is a special room devoted to erotic archaeological treasures. A vast number of ceramic objects made by ancient Peruvians and tens of thousands of pots and clay art in the shapes of animals, plants, and people. An amazing piece of treasure is here!

8. Huaca Pucllana

Huaca Pucllana, in the city's upscale Miraflores district.  Here, more of the site has been restored and excavations continue to find artifacts. Lima has a huge number of historical ruins, known locally as huacas, which can be found in many neighborhoods. They are generally fenced off by the government, but some sites are open between some specific time.

9. El Malecón, Miraflores

 Lima is known as the Garden City. The Malecón is perfect for jogging, biking or simply taking in the view.The Malecón is the prime spot for parasailing in Lima. The Malecón is perfect for jogging, biking or simply taking in the view. Dotting the walkway are statues created by famed Peruvian artists.

Some tips for visiting Lima, Peru

1. Carry Peruvian cash - They levy charge on usage of credit card.

2. Eat your ceviche in the morning - easy for digestion.

3. Some trekking trail is difficult like Inca - Check before booking.

4. Some ancient sites are open for specific time and days, check the information before visiting.

5. Peru is one of the favorite tourist destinations, so book in advance.