Cycling around France - Top cycle treks

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France is very well known for amazing treks among adventurers. I’ve been riding through France for decades. I have tried all the possible routes with best of my knowledge explored. I would like to share some selected routes you can use for trekking or taking the ride.

1. Alsace


If you are taking Alsace as your trek, you have no choice but to ride on winding roads through vineyards and historic towns. You have to start by heading south from Ottrott to Illhaeusern, there are countless colorful villages and beautiful roads. The route is between France and Germany. You can also explore churches, the variety of cultures, and amazing food.

The distance is around 51 km. It truly needs efforts to ride the trek, if you have any medical problem then avoid going. For normal travelers also it is suggested to take at least 1-2 months of gym training before going on this kind of treks. The preferred time is May to September to plan trekking adventure.

2. The Loire Valley


 On this route, you can explore amazing landscapes, castles, some old and amazing architecture, green fields which were playgrounds of emperors. The small roads of the country provide a good biking trek. There are many good restaurants on the route, take the break and enjoy the delicious cuisine. After lunch, cross Vienne river also you can explore magnificent gardens near Château du Rivau. The distance of the route is 55 km, can be minimized by taking smaller routes.

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3. Southwest France


Southwest part of France offers jaw-dropping scenery and incredible landscapes. There are some amazing villages to explore on the route. You will find a lot of groups on this trek because this route is most loved among the cyclists due to its diverse nature. The route is around 100km long and preferred time plan a trip to France for this trek is May to September. There are some steep climbs, apart from that the terk will seem amazing with riding on the river bank.

There are many good restaurants or street food vendors in villages so food won’t be a problem. The villages to explore are Saint Cirq Lapopie and Conquer.

4. Bordeaux and Dordogne


This route is in the East part of France. This is also most loved route amongst the cyclists as you get the opportunity to explore places like hâteau Mouton Rothschild, Saint-Emilion and Bergerac region. You will cross the site of 100 years war field, ending in the defeat - Castillon-la-Bataille.

The whole route is 73 km long and best if explored in June to September. There are many good vineyards for wine lovers to explore. The final arrival point will be Chartreuse du Bignac.

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5. Atlantic France


This is basically known as island route. In this route the most famous and fashionable island along the French Atlantic Coast - Ile de Ré is covered. Riding along the beautiful blue water of the sea, exploring salt road, or Route du Sel will surely leave you speechless. There are some unexplored but worth exploring villages like Ars-en-Ré, Saint-Clément des Baleines or La Couarde. The distance of the trek is around 85 km.

There are some routes on the list but above are the most loved and comparatively easy for the cyclist and the enthusiasts. Even if who has never taken a cycle ride, I would recommend to learn and explore the amazing historic nations on the wheels.