Do you know why Barcelona is an amazing place?

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Barcelona, Spain is one of the world's most loved tourist destinations, attracting millions of tourists every year. Though the city is popular for its soccer club, that is just one thing. There are plenty of other things which makes the city amazing and tourist friendly. The city offers excellent aesthetics and there are so many reasons to love the city from its great architecture and galleries to awesome food and music. Barcelona is also as romantic as Paris, in Spain. Barcelona, Spain is amazing for living as well as for visiting. Here are some points which I discovered

1. It is walkable

Barcelona is a big city, but the city is structured the way, that it is easily walkable. There are streets, can easily be taken on foot or on bicycles. There are many vendors you can rent a bicycle if you do not like walking.

2. The beaches are great

Barcelona has clean and huge beaches, which are very well developed and taken care of. Due to great tourism, the government has taken care of the beaches and developed them with facilities to equip the tourism.

3. It has superb architecture

Without a doubt, one of Barcelona's top attractions for tourists is city's modernist architecture. You can find great architecture almost everywhere in this city. Most of the Barcelona’s wonders have been designed by the famous architect Antonio Gaudi. Apart from that there many other famous architects who have chosen Barcelona to demonstrate their art.

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4. Street Art

The streets of Barcelona is all painted, and you will see a lot of graffiti walls, road painting, and street art like stuff. Spanish people are very artistic and they love colors, they have spread enough on the streets of Barcelona.

5. Whether is good

Weather in all over Spain, mainly Barcelona is moderate and always welcoming. There are no big storms, not too rainy or freezy or sunny. The climate supports all who live here or are the tourist and there to explore Spain for a couple of days. The weather is predictable and rainfall is also balanced. As the place is in the Mediterranean, It’s always in a good climate.

6. Perfect place for coffee and chocolate lovers

This beautiful city also offers plenty of delight for lovers of chocolate.  Antoni Escriba, who is famous for being the “Mozart of Chocolate”, was born in Barcelona. You’ll also get to drink amazing coffee in Barcelona. Café con leche is one of the most preferred coffee, which is the coffee halved with steam milk.

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7. The food is awesome

Seafood lovers should spend some special time in good restaurants, as the chefs here make a typical seafood which is amazing. Pintxos, in essence, is Basque tapas, plates of bite-sized goodies served atop a piece of bread.

8. Check the grand history

Barcelona has grand history, with every step you take through the streets of the city, you’ll always find something historically significant. Visit all the art museums to get a quick glimpse of the city’s history. There are many old monuments to explore to have the feel of history.

 9. Feel the dance and music wave

The city has plenty of nightclubs. And it is popular for a specific dance form. Flamenco dancing is native to the Andalusia region of Spain and Barcelona has its own historic dance form in Sardana, performed at most tables. Also, The music scene of the city is diverse, It is the origin of many musical genres from classical to jazz to world music. Barcelona also hosts some of the biggest annual musical festivals. Also, live music trend seems to be originated from this place.

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10. Transportation is easy

As said earlier the city can be explored on foot, also it has great bicycle culture. The public transport here is very smooth and can be easily understood. There are efficient buses, subways, trains, cable cars, and funiculars. People here are welcoming and shopping is a joyous experience.

Spain is popular for its adventure rides and climate and many more other things amongst tourists, but after reading the list above you may also go there and live for some days. I am pretty sure that you will have ample of more points to say why Barcelona is the amazing place!