4 Simple & Affordable Digital Marketing Tips For Insurance Agents

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4 Simple & Affordable Digital Marketing Tips For Insurance Agents

In today's digital world, it's very important for Insurance Agent to have a digital presence. If they can not change with time and are not ready to accept technology then insurance agents will not be able to survive in this highly digital & competitive world. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on digital promotions. You can also do digital marketing and promotion at very low cost and effectively. Here we are sharing step by step a few processes that help you to create your effective digital presence and digital marketing. trust me you will get results but this will take time and you have to put all this regularly then you will start getting results in 2 months.

Here is a step by step guide for simple and affordable digital marketing tips for Insurance Agents.

1. CREATE SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNT & CREATE POST REGULARLY: First create Facebook. Instagram, Youtube, Linked In & twitter account. It's very important to create a brand that's why you use the same profile picture and cover picture in all social media accounts so customers can easily notice you. Also create your one logo, do not worry about money, from websites like CANVA, you can easily create your own logo in 5 minutes and use it. Always try to submit posts in all social media regularly (once in a week), remember that too many & daily posts is not effective. For an initial boost, share your social media link with customers so they can join and follow you & through them you will get refrence business.

2. CREATE YOUR INSURANCE AGENT PROFILE ON LOCAL LISTING WEBSITES: In order to increase your digital presence, it's necessary that you list your Insurance Agent profile on local search engine website like JUST DIAL, INDIA MART & SMART AGENT PORTAL. Most important is to list your profile on WWW.SMARTAGENT.CO.IN website. It is a very effective website and it will help you to get more customers from entire country. It will Increase your digital presence and also you can sell your insurance policies to customer very easily.

3. CREATE INSURANCE AGENT DIGITAL VISITING CARD OR MINI-WEBSITE: If you have website then its good but if you do not have website and do not want to spend money on it then best and low cost solution is to create your Insurance Agent digital visiting card. It hardly costs you 7-8$ only. Instead of paper based visiting cards now it's time to create digital visiting cards so you & your customers can easily share your details with others customers and easily your Insurance Sales business get more online presence. It also works as a website too so you do not need to create another website too. You can create your digital business visiting card from below link (Provided by Viha IT Services) and it will cost you only 500 INR also you can see this sample:: https://smartwebsite.biz/LIC-Agent-Mukesh

Registration Link To Create Your Tuition Class Digital Card:: https://smartwebsite.biz/registration

4. USE FREE TOOL FOR IMAGES & VIDEO: Use free tools and free websites to download images. Never use images from google otherwise copyright issues will occur. Use free websites like Pexel and Unsplash to download free images for marketing purposes. Use free tools like CANVA to create logos, posters, banners for social media. It is the most easy to use and you can create images in a few minutes.

Note: Do this above 4 steps regularly then you will get a 100% result. But if you do not use technology then you will lose your business in a few years. Because most of the customers are using mobiles & everything now a days happen from mobile.

If you are able to invest money then the below thing will give you more results in a short period of time.

1. PAID FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM ADVERTISEMENT: You can spend 500-1000 INR per month & boost your post and that will give you good traffic on your social media account.

2. USE SOFTWARE & MOBILE APP FOR YOUR INSURANCE AGENT BUSINESS: Now all customers want service and quality.  It is important to use the Insurance Agent Policy Management & Policy Reminder Software & mobile App. With this type of software and mobile app you can directly give quality service to customers and it will help you to increase your branding and positivity about your insurance sales business. It will also save a lot of time and you will automatically get reminder about policy premium reminder and expiry. Customers can also receive reminder SMS about policy premium reminder and expiry. From our research, we suggest you to use SMART AGENT SOFTWARE & MOBILE APP, its most affordable software with high level of quality, support & services. Its cost is only 500 INR and you can use this software from any type of devices. you can register at https://smartagent.co.in/SignUp