3 Best Affordable Bulk Certificate Generator Software For Educational Institutes

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3 Best Affordable Bulk Certificate Generator Software For Educational Institutes

Many Coaching Institutes or computer training Institutes or other training institute teaches or give training on many courses to students and they have to give course completion certificate or exam completion certificate to their students. Now problem is that It's not easy to create certificates one by one for all students because it takes a lot of time and effort. In the market or online there are many softwares which can design custom single certificates but when it is not a practical way for a training institute to use it and generate certificates one by one for all students. Here coaching institute need one special software which can help them to generate all students certificate easily & with good design. 

There are many software online but we have found the 3 best and most affordable software which can easily & automatically generate bulk students certificate with good certificate design. Below you can see all 3 bulk certificate generator softwares details. 


One of the best software for coaching institutes or tuition classes or training centers. It is a pure Institute management system and its bulk certificate generator features are very easy and effective. It gives users full control so user can easily change certificate content. It provides few ready-made certificate designs so users can select the certificate design, change its contents, allocate the certificate to students and generate all in one bulk certificate in pdf format. Users can download the certificate and print it in their office printer. It really saves a lot of time and money. 

Why you should use Smart Classes software:
1. Affordable & super easy to use.
2. Come with a complete institute management system with lot of features.
3. Manage entire coaching business along with bulk certificate generate feature
4. User it from any type of device.
5. Personalised unlimited support & training. 


Its certificate generates features and comes with no other management system. It is Saas based platform so users have to subscribe monthly to use it. It comes with a free plan as well in which you can generate the certificate in limited numbers. It also provides API so you can integrate in your personal software or website. It’s additionally unfastened to add recipient facts and preview a customised certificate. Spending a credit score allows you to keep this personalised certificate, shop it for your account, and ship it on your recipient with a custom designed e mail from our system.

Why you should use SimpleCert software: 
1. Affordable & easy to use.
2. Free plan available.
3. Monthly subscription at an affordable cost.
4. Certificate generator API available.
5. Zapier integration available.


It's a similar platform like SimpleCert. Its tagline says all "Design, build, issue, and send  certificates to anyone." It allows educational institutes to issue high-quality certificates. Powerful features like courses & groups, certificate builder, automatic emails with PDF certificates. Its Individual plan is free of cost and allows users to create a certificate with all major features but at limited numbers. Its plan and subscription are more costly than SimpleCert. 

Why you should use Certifier software: 
1. Better quality
2. More quality certificate templates. 
3. Easy to use.