7 Food Dishes You Must Try In Surat City & Best Places To Visit For It

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7 Food Dishes You Must Try In Surat City & Best Places To Visit For It

Surat is Gujarat's State second largest city and it is also Financial capital or Gujarat state. Surat city known for its diamond industries, Texttile Industries & Food. 

People of surat are very foodie and enjoy their life. There are many food that you can try and enjoy but here we will going to mention 9 unique type of food that available only in surat and very famoush in surat. You can find a different veriety of food in this 9 item from snack, drink, nonveg, sweet. We will also going to mention best places to eat this foods.

So let's first mentioned the list of all 9 famous Surat city food. 

1. Locho
2. Aloo Puri
3. Khawsa
4. Chicken Paratha
5. Egg Ghotala (Anda Ghotala)
6. Ghari
7. Sosyo


1. Locho: Very popular street food in Surat & you must try this street food from Surat. It has a mild sweet spicy taste & available with green chutney and sev.  

Best Place To Eat Locho In Surat: Gopal Khaman House Or Gopal Locho


2. Aloo Puri: It is the most affordable and most popular street food item in Surat. Aloo Puri may soon be declared as the default brunch time meal of India. 

Best Place To Eat Aloo Puri In Surat: Rander


3. Khawsa: Khawsa is a popular street food of Surat, the food capital of India. Surti Veg Khawsa is combination of Indian and Burmese flavours. This unique Surat recipe consists of noodles, Gujarati Papdi, spring onions, some chutneys, chaat masala and the main ingredient coconut soup. This street food of Surat is enjoyed hot and is famous for its chatpata flavour. So do try out Veg Khawsa recipe and let us know about the taste in the comment box. 

Best Place To Eat Khawsa In Surat: Rander


4. Chicken Paratha: Chicken paratha is a delicious and easy breakfast recipe you can prepare with leftover chicken. This paratha is a treat for non-vegetarians. Its an Iranian food but in surat style. A paratha is a flatbread that came from the Indian Subcontinent. Parathas are well-known morning meal which are heavy and flaky made using unleavened flour, pan fried and quite often offered hot using a dollop of butter, various curry, chutney or raita.
Best Place To Eat Chicken Paratha In Surat: Sugar & Spice at udhana gate


5. Egg Ghotala(Anda Ghotala): An ideal mix of boiled eggs, half fry egg and pav bhaji masala, Anda Ghotala is a famous surat egg dish.
Best Place To Eat Egg Ghotala In Surat: Ganesh Egg at Moti Togis


6. Ghari: Prepared in pure ghee, mava and stuffed with assortments of dry fruits. Ghari holds a special place in the hearts of Suratis who prepare these at home during their popular festivals and celebrations. Sweet shops sell thousands of Ghari every year. You can go to any store serving sweets and find the tasteful dish ready to become the favourite of many!
Best Place To Eat Ghari In Surat: Mahesh Methai at station


7. Sosyo Cold Drink: Surat own cold drink and very famous. Now it become a national brand and becomeing very popular. It is very taste because of his unique flavour. 
Best Place To Eat Sosyo In Surat: Any cold drink shop in surat

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