IGNOU Student Management System

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IGNOU Student Management System

IGNOU Student Management System is a online platform to manage Student academic life cycle process. IGNOU Staff can login with username and password and use the system. It can be access only by UGNOU authorized staff and admin 

IGNOU’s Student Management System is a cloud web system through which various core activities can be performed at various phases of student life cycle viz Registration, admission, examination, Post-examination and student's course completion Certification. This student management system can be accessed after proper authentication by various stake holders of the University and as per give permission. The system has Dashboard feature that produces various statistical as well as graphical reports, dynamically. ISMS interface with main Website to perform various other student services.

Features of IGNOU’s Student Management System:

  1. Student inquiry & admission management 
  2. Staff management with security and permission
  3. Student management
  4. Attendance management
  5. Fee management 
  6. Share assignment with students
  7. Online and offline exam management 
  8. Live class
  9. discussion with students
  10. Auto certificate generator
  11. Digital course sharing system
  12. expense management
  13. Auto SMS and notification of all activity
  14. Separate student and back office mobile app
  15. Profit and loss tracking report
  16. Other important report

What  is IGNOU Student Management System?

Most Universities count on an advanced software tool knows as 'Student Information System' to keep all their student records and administrative operations including, examinations, attendance, and other activities. IGNOU is also using same type of software tool to manage students daily activities.

Over the recent years, the performance and efficiency of the education industry have been enhanced by using the Student Management System. This tool has productively taken over the workload of the admin department with its well-organized, easy, and reliable online school management software.

"IGNOU Student Management System is a solution tool that is designed to track, maintain and manage all students academic activates, including the course of a student, their attendance, their interpersonal activities records, exam, live class etc.,"