Local Tuition Classes Vs Byju's: How Local Tuition Classes Can Compete with Byju's

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Local Tuition Classes Vs Byju's: How Local Tuition Classes Can Compete with Byju's

Current & future time is about local tuition classes vs Byju's. Its high time now for local tuition classes to understand current education market environment and compete with big education technology company like Biju's. How? that we will going to explain here.

Do you know that Byju's to invest $200mn in offline & hybrid tuition classes. This will going to impacts small, medium or large local or offline tuition classes. In a simple word, In future huge amount of local tuition classes or offline tuition classes will be disappear from the market. It is important and very high time for all local or offline tuition classes to understand current technology, current education business environment, current student behavior toward smartphone & technology, and realize & accept the challenges and start upgrading himself, their thinking, their tuition classes services & tuition classes relation processes. 

Many tuition classes owners or teacher are still thinking old way and not worry about current on going development in tuition classes business. They are like "we will not going to affect with Byju's. our students always come with us". 

This thinking need to change because technology has been changed in huge way in last 5 to 10 years & current students are all using smartphones or want smartphone to learn and students are becoming ready to try new things in education from online. And this will impact the local or offline tuition classes. 

Those coaching classes will not survive which are not ready to use technology, not ready to upgrade their thinking and not ready to upgrade their tuition class service. Today's time is about technology & services you provide. 

Do not worry, There are ways by which you can compete with big company like Byju's and others. Here we will going to discuss few points which can really help you to survive in future and even help you to grow the tuition classes. 

1. Use Technology Now & Do Not Stop Using It:

Those who are still not ready to accept technology for their tuition class business then they will not going to survive in next 2-3 years. It is important now that you start using digital technology in your tuition classes that can save your time, manage your tuition class data digitally, give digital services to your students and parents.

You can use tuition management system, student mobile app, tuition classes website, smart classes devices or projectors, digital business visiting card and other. 

Software technology like tuition class management software will help you to manage your students data , daily tuition classes educational & non educational activity digitally and that save your lot of time so you can focus on core teaching process and also you can provide digital services with students through mobile app. 

Many tuition classes think that, to use a tuition management software is just waste of money or expense or have other excuse like who do data entry, security. Remember, Tuition management system is an investment for your tuition business and it cost hardly 8K to 10K INR per year. Many use it and after one or two year stop using it. Which is wrong. You should no stop using software technology because its future. 

There are some very high quality and low cost tuition classes software available with mobile app like Smart Classes - tuition class management software which you can try & it will make difference in you tuition class business and services. You Must try this software if you want grow your tuition in future. 

Other technology that you can use is create your website that help you to increase your digital presence in your city, use smart class tv or projector, virtual business visiting card etc. Its important create good impression in student mind. 

2. Change Your Thinking:

Change your thinking, Do not take students for granted. Now students are very smart and everything is available on mobile. so change your old thinking and start accepting new things and new business process. 

3. Be Friend of Your Students: 

Students will never leave you and also refer more student for your tuition class if you become friend with them and teach friendly way. Never show your ego to students or get angry on students. If you behave friendly then students will more comfortable and positive for you that will create huge impact to getting more students and maintain current students strength.

4. Focus on Teaching Skill: 

When you teach, explain the concept with real example so students can understand the topic never cramming (Ratta Maar).  Use YouTube video or other platform to explain the concept. 

Also give regular time once a month to each students so you can work on their weakness and that will also give good impression on students and parents that teacher working personally on students. Also arrange parents meeting or do online parents meeting to discuss students plus and minus points. 

5. Use Social Media and Show Your Achievements: 

Use social media like Facebook, twitter, Instagram and publish your achievements, events, classes and students images. Try to add more students in social media from your city and spend regular 2 hours a week on social media activity.  


If you do all above steps and maintain quality tuition class service then you will service , compete other big players and even easily grow your business. But everything you have to keep doing on regular basis. You can not just do for few days and then stop doing it.