Perfect Way To Enjoy In Goa for 3 Days

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Perfect Way To Enjoy In Goa for 3 Days

Goa is the best and most popular internatioanl travel destination. Here we give you step by step guide on how you can enjoy goa for 3 days. It is based on our personal experiance and its a perfect way to enjoy in Goa for 3 days at affordable cost.

Let's Start The Goa Trip Now

first day never count because you may reach in afterbnoon or evening so you can not enjoy more on that day and you may need rest due to travel. So if you reach on evening then just stay at hotel and visit to any one beach. Lets say you visit calungate beach. 

Just relax their & have some drink and then take a dinner. Its take a dinner at some good restaurant. Then go to hotel and sleep well so you can feel good for next day. 


DAY 1 (Relaxing at beach & Enjoy at casino)

First day is very important so get ready and take the breakfast. Then we suggets to visit at vagator beach. It a best place to relax due to low crowd. Relax enjoy on a beach shack and ejoy the atmoshphere. You can take drinks and food while relaxing.

You can also enjoy foot massage from local. Its will be great experiance. After relaxing for few hours just go to the sea and enjoy the swimming in sea and when you come put then it will be eveing alreday. Go back to hotel and get fresh and then get ready for casino. 

So book online for casino. If you are first time then we suggest you to visit DELTIN JAQK. It is the oldest and affordable casino. Its food quality is best from others too.   


You have to go Panjim so it will take around 1 hour from vegator so leave from vegator or from hotel around 6 pm. You will get entry at 7pm in casino and you can leave at 6am. Once you get the entry then one boat will take you to the casino cruise and then you will get entry in cruise. You will feel 5star atmosphere and service their. 

You must be hungry and thrusty so first go to the deck and enjoy the unlimited drink with nice quality starter dishes. You can take unlimited drink and food in casino. Food will be available till 1 pm. 

Then on middle deck, you can enjoy the dance from professional dancer and music from professional singer. You can take dinner and enjoy at a same time. 

Once you done with food, drink and entertainment then do to the casino floor. It a must have experience so be prepare to play casino with at least 5000 INR.

No one knows how to play when you visit first time  you will find a demo table. One person on table will teach you how to play all the games. Just learn 2-3 simple game. Once you take token of your money then you can begin playing games and with playing you can have unlimited drinks, cheeps, biscuit, coffee at your table. You will not notice how time races away and it will be 6 am at the end. If you play properly then you will definitely win.     

After that go back to your room and sleep. 


DAY 2 (Just sleep and relax at beach at evening)

Its obvious you will sleep whole day as you have not take sleep on day 1 night. You will sleep then take food and the end it will evening so best way to visit some beach and walk their and relax. 

To feel more relax, you can visit to massage center and enjoy body massage and that will make your body more relax. 

Go again at beach and have drink and then you can take dinner at some good restaurant. Go back to hotel and sleep. Day 2 is over. 


DAY 3 (Visit Panijm & try Goan food)

Enjoy the breakfast in hotel and also enjoy some time in swimming pool then get ready for pPanjim. But before you must visit chapora fort and enjoy the fresh juice at  Ganesh juice center (must visit place). 

Then start your journey for Panjim , just visit some old market, buy some stuff for you and your family and in the mean time it will be around PM so you must be hungry. 

So got to Dona Paula View Point and in the middle of a road you will fins mum's kitchen restaurant. Its is very famous for authentic goan dishes and must visit place to enjoy goan sea food.  

Then go to Dona Paula View Point and enjoy the moment and at night come to hotel. If you not tired then at night you can visit to any night club ay baga beach. 

Then sleep and trip is over so rest and get ready yourself to come back at home and get busy in your daily life and work :)