Smart Classes Software Reviews And Rating

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Smart Classes Software Reviews And Rating

Smart Classes is an online coaching Institute management system. Its a all in one complete ERP system and loaded with lot of features. Smart Classes is run by an indian company and rank very highly rated and known for its quality software and service. It is small company but their service & suupport and software quality is way better then some of the well know startup. Smart Classes also one of india's most old software for tuition classes which is available since 2013. BIU has done complete reasearch and also reasearch smart classes customers review from google play, software suggest, capaterra and many other site. BIU also cross verify all the review that publish by smart classes and other wbsite. Based on BIU reasearch and service experiance, It conclude that SmartClasses really genuine serrvice provider and their commitment for customers are verry good. They provider service to their customer personally and solve or guide their problem as well. 

Smart Classes review & rating is 99 out of 100 as per BIU research. On google play store their overall review stands at 4.5 to 4.7 which is good because most of the review are genuine, not like apps fake review. 

1. Multi branch concept with centralise data access
2. Loaded with lots of features
3. Very affordable 
4. High data security
5. Quality support & service by call, ticket & whatsapp
6. No cost on new features. 

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