Vishal Khadi Eco Campsite - A Perfect Travel Destination For Nature Lovers

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Vishal Khadi Eco Campsite - A Perfect Travel Destination For Nature Lovers

Vishal Khadi Campsite is a campsite situated on the way to Netrang-Rajpipla road. It is around 25 km away from Rajpipla & 20km from Netrang. It is a beautiful natural place full of greenery. It has a small lake made of dam backwater which makes this place perfect for nature lovers. Here we mention all detail about Vishal Khadi Campsite's location, booking process, facilities, tips, timing, contacts and more.  

The Vishal Khadi Campsite location is encompassed by a few timberland zones, specifically, Karjan woodland range, Dediyapada woodland range and Dang woodland region, and rich agrarian fields, stream valleys  and the plains of agriculture and the fertile river valley. Sightseeing includes Ghat bathing in the Narmada River in Chandod and Garudeshwar, Fortress in Dabhoi, Waterfall, Jagadia Temple. Someone can also boat to the nearest Karjar river when the river waters widespread until the camp.

Best Time To Visit Vishal Khadi Campsite is between July to January. All information on this article are sourced from

Vishal Khadi Campsite Facility:

The Vishal Khadi Campsite comprises of a isolated cottage with toilets and washrooms introduced additionally has tent settlement. It can be effectively accomplished since conventional nation transportation buses are available from Rajpipla within the morning. It can moreover be accomplished by jeep or share programmed pedicab. We suggest you to go their with your private vehicle.

Some other facility are:
1. Four cottages with bathroom & toilet facilities attached
2. Tent accommodations with separate bath & toilet facilities
3. Kitchen & Separate Dining Places
4. Food is available with the help of eco tourism development committee
5. Separate area for campfires
6. Landscape & wildlife Scenery
7. Watch tower

Vishal Khadi Campsite Location:

Vishal Khadi Campsite is a campsite located on the road to Rajpipla-Netrang Road. It's about 25 km from Rajpipla, 20km from Netrang and around 60km from Bharuch.

Google Map location: Click here for google map link 

Vishal Khadi Campsite Booking:

The booking can be done offline by calling the forest department or from Gujarat Tourism site. 

You can also get more confirm detail from Gujarat Tourism site where you can see registered tour operator and register tour guide with number so they can guide you will all current information. 

Vishal Khadi Campsite Activities:

The forest department/campsite overseeing group has distributed list of all *conceivable* exercises. In case you’re school or an organization, you'll be able to organize custom exercises with the assistance of campsite administration.

1. Boating
2. Trekking
3. Local dance
4. Bird watching
5. Star gazing
6. Medicinal garden
7. Night walk
8. Cultural program
9. Games
10. Agriculture field visit
11. Adventure activity
12. Local adivasi food
13. Wildlife movie
14. Painting kits for children
15. Digital detox
16. Meeting
17. Local tribal dance
18. Film show

Vishal Khadi Campsite Tour & Travel Tips:

1. Be beyond any doubt to visit the Introduction Center to begin with some time recently you begin investigating the camp since it'll donate a great picture of what you'll involvement amid your stay. 
2. Most eco campsites utilize power delivered utilizing sun powered vitality, subsequently utilize it responsibly. No smoking at all (cigarette butts caused numerous timberland fires.)
3. There is no intrusive flash or photography (for example, do not pull the leaves to remove a better display; repositioning the camera instead.)
4. Don't bring a music framework or any sound making gadget with you and keep in mind to turn it off in the event that you go around.
5. Choosing plants or creepy crawlies is denied in any region; Do not expel anything from the stop or heavenly place.
6. Don't appreciate quick or sudden developments to panic wildlife. 
7. Don't attempt too close to animals. 
8. There are no pets that must go with you.
9. Do not litter. Squander is as it were to be arranged of within the right container. 
11. There are no chasing gadgets or other weapons to do, and use.

Some Other Places To Visit Near Vishal Khadi Campsite:
1. Kadiya Dungar (13 km from netrang, on Rajpardi road)
2. Timroliya Dasha Maa Temple, Arethi (09 km from netrang, on Dediyapada road)
3. Baladava Dam (04 km from netrang, on Dediyapada road)
4. Ghanikut (Rampam Waterfall) (13 km from netrang, on Dediyapada road)
5. Dev Mogra Temple (30 to 35km away from netrang)

Some Facts About Vishal Khadi Campsite: 

Did you know that all campsites of Narmada are managed by a committee consisting of locals? The local village committee is responsible for maintenance of the campsite. As far I know, revenue coming from tourist accommodation bookings also goes into their account. 


Every tourists adored the area of Vishal Khadi campsite.

It is exceedingly available however gives disengaged and “into-the-nature” feeling. A cleared out turn from the thruway and 1000 meters forward gets you to the stopping part of the campsite. In my visit to the campsites of Rajpipla, I found as it were this campsite to be bulging with visitors. GSRTC – State Transport buses can be utilized to reach to this campsite. Any nearby transport going from Rajpipla to Netrang would work.

Vishal khadi is encompassed by slopes, beautiful wilderness and backwaters of Karjan Store. It is due to the backwaters that the campsite acquired it’s title of “khadi”. In Gujarati, one would call a moderately little stream of water as “khadi”.

You will sure love this place.  You can see Vishal khadi Image Gallery too from (HERE)

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