Digital Technologies For Today’s Insurance Agents

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Insurance agents today are at the mercy of political, economic, and/or technological challenges that have only added pressure. We’re talking direct insurance growth, new claim-processing apps, industry consolidation, Google Compare, mergers and acquisitions, the Affordable Care Act, state and private insurance exchanges, floods, fires, and everything in between.

At the recent 2016 Medicare Supplement Insurance Conference, agents compared notes on how the current business landscape has reinforced the fact that agents today must be be online to stay in business.

First, a basic website is essential. It must articulate an agent’s location, the types of insurance offered, and contact information. Not only does this help consumers, updating your website often also insures that you’ll show up in online search and rate comparison results, which can lead to clicks and calls from prospects.

Second, agents must understand that social media is as a necessary evil. Your agency should be on Facebook and LinkedIn, because your current and prospective customers are there, as are your competitors. Instagram and Twitter?  Not as important for today’s digital consumer. 

Third, how strategic is your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system? As agents generate leads online and elsewhere, it is becoming more important to track which leads results in sales and how quickly. An up-to-date CRM also can enable agents to determine which channels may not be as effective. There are some best free software and mobile app that can help you like SMART AGENT which is best in India and in world. People can use this software freely from desktop, laptop and even from mobile app too.