4 simple and affordable Restaurant Digital Marketing Steps To Attract More Customers

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4 simple and affordable Restaurant Digital Marketing Steps To Attract More Customers

To run a restaurant and to attract more customers & to maintain existing customers is not easy. It requires time and effort, quality food, quality services, branding, and proper step-by-step digital marketing which insure to make the restaurant famous and attract more and more customers. It is not necessary to spend money on digital marketing & promotion but restaurant owner can spend regular one hour daily and do quality digital marketing of the restaurant and that give them good result too. So let's see and understand step by step restaurant digital marketing steps to attract more customers

4 Simple and Affordable Restaurant Digital Marketing Steps To Attract More Customers

Step 1: CREATE BRAND & THEME - First restaurant owners need to create one logo, color-based them and that logo & theme must be reflected in the restaurant menu, visiting card, and interior. You can create a free logo from CANVA website so do not worry. Along with that, it's necessary to create a digital visiting card or mini-website. now everything happens from mobile so customer mostly watches and search everything on mobile so customer can open min-website and digital card on mobile and get their information. Creating a digital virtual visiting card or mini-website is free. You can use DBVC Mobile App and create your mini-website at free of cost.

Restaurant Website(Optional): If you can invest in the website then it is also a good option. It will make a good impression on customers and help promote the website. 

Step 2: LOCAL BUSINESS LISTING - For restaurant businesses, 99% of customers are from the same city and most of the customers use google to search restaurants or locations so it is necessary for a restaurant owner to list their restaurant business on a local search platform like JUST DIAL, INDIAMART. List the restaurant business and address on Google business portal and Google map too. All is 100% free which help you to promote your restaurant branch in your city. 

Step 3: SOCIAL MEDIA ACTIVITIES - Social media activity is the most important part of restaurant digital marketing activity. Most of the young generation use it and spend 50% of their daily time on it so restaurant owners need to take advantage of it. First create an FB page, Twitter account, Instagram account, telegram Account. Submit all proper contact information in it and use proper logo and them in all social media account. Then do daily one post on each social media. Use your restaurant image, food images, customers review in post. Then create a local city network group on FB and try to add friends and invite your restaurant page to those friends. This process will give you faster results at no cost.    

Paid Advertisement on FB & Instagram(Optional): You can spend 500-1000 INR per month & boost your post for particular city and that will give you good traffic on your social media account 7 also help you to promote faster.

Step 4: USE BILLING SOFTWARE - Always use billing software and use the restaurant name with the address on the bill. Also, take each and every customer's mobile number. The restaurant owner can use those customer mobile numbers to send promotional, discounts, new food, or dish-related SMS. This will help the restaurant to maintain old existing customers. Nowadays this type of restaurant billing software is available at a very low cost. For restaurant billing and tracking software is very important. It will manage your purchase, sales, stock, waste, expense data and save you a lot of time too. There are many restaurant software available in the world but you can try RDesk billing and tracking software too. 

So these 4 are proven, simple, and step-by-step restaurant marketing guides that have worked for restaurants in the past and present. Just try all 4 steps for 3 months and see the result. It is important for a restaurant owners to spend daily one hour on Restaurant Digital Marketing to achieve the desired result.