Best Restaurant POS Software In India

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Best Restaurant POS Software In India

There are many Restaurant POS available in the world but Rdesk restaurant billing and management software is best and most affordable restaurant POS system available in the world now. 

"Rdesk" is a restuarant Point of sale system. RDESK is leading restaurant software provider in UK, USA & India. 
Rdesk is a product of Indian based software company named Viha IT Services. Rdesk is cloud based POS system with mobile friendly tracking system. 

It is simple & powerful restaurant point of sale and management system, easily manage and scale your restaurant business, from one store to man, in the cloud.It serves businesses big and small, from corner Fast Food shop to big restaurant around the world. It works with an ecosystem of hardware and software accessories that make it easier to run restaurant business.

Upgrading with modern restaurant point of sale is easy, Bring clients existing data to the cloud, so client can access it anywhere, anytime, yourself. It helps restaurant to extract data and move it to web system, and have assisted set-up options that mean you can upgrade to RDesk without business downtime.

Transform multiple restaurant business with cloud technology. With RDesk will able to keep an eye on all of customer restaurants. Real-time sales and other data is available for timely decisions. Manage one restaurant or many at the click of a button. It has never been easier to scale up, with information available across all your outlets, and you can customize each for tax, product and price.

Features of RDESK Resturant Software System: 
1. Cloud based system
2. Web based management and tracking System
3. Track restaurant data anytime and from anywhere 
4. Window based restaurant billing process
5. Multiple branch management
6. Purchase management
7. Stock management
8. Sales management
9. Expense management
10. Business analysis system