Kadia Dungar Caves - A Perfect One Day Picnic Destination

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Kadia Dungar Caves - A Perfect One Day Picnic Destination

Kadiya Dungar is famous for its nature and mountain caves which are located at Kadia Dungar near Zazpor village. It has seven caves carved out in the 1st and 2nd century AD on the mountain. Kadiya Dungar is now becoming very famous and best place for one day picnic destination.

Kadiya Dungar Location:

Kadiya Dungar is 13km away from Netang and on Rajpardi roadnear Zazpor village. Kadia dunger is almost 40 Km from Bharuch city out of which 20km road is through small villages and single lane road. Entire road side is surrounded by beautiful farms and small hills.

Kadiya Dungar History:

Kadiya Dungar has seven caves carved out in the 1st and 2nd century AD on the mountain. It is also called that Pandava has stayed in these mountain caves during their exile. 

The group includes sculpture of monolithic lion pillars. An architecture of cave shows vihara style construction. The site has a brick stupa at the foot of a mountain. The caves were carved out in 1st or 2nd century AD, influenced by Buddhist architecture.

Kadia Dungar has 7 Buddhist caves, with water tanks on top and a lion pillar at its foothills. The caves are the first of its kind to be found in the region of south Gujarat, and are said to be of the Kshatrap period. According to local beliefs, they were made by the Pandavas during their period of exile, and the legend of Bhima’s marriage with Hidimba is also associated there. 

Key Detail About Kadiya Dungar Caves:

The Kadia Dungar caves are similar to the caves found in Saurashtra and Junagadh, but far simpler, suggesting that they belong to earlier times, adding great importance to the region of south Gujarat. Kadia Dungar has also yielded evidence of mining activities for rhyolite, and some sculptures have been found and identified at various sites to be made of the rhyolite from Kadia Dungar. The finding of microlithic industries around Kadia Dungar has proven prehistoric activities of humans in the region, and the use of locally available stone.

People are enjoying this place because of nature, mountains, temple and small kids will enjoy watching monkeys all over the places there.

Kadia dunger is a small Rock Hill where caves are made and one temple is also made. Stairs are made to reach up to temple and top of the hill. Stairs up to temple is made up of bricks and cement but beyond that stairs are carved into rocks. Although stairs are not slippery but one should be very careful and should go barefoot or with shoes with good grip. Railings are provided but do not have strength so can't be trusted.

At top of hill, view is amazing. People are enjoying a lot as breeze and drizzles were there. Beauty of nature was mesmerizing.

At present, there is an ashram located at the foothills and many temples on the top of the hill.

Perfect time to go there in monsoon and just after monsoon and you can avoid plan to go during March to June due to extreme hot weather.

You can get tea, biscuits, Namkeen nothing more than that. It will be better you carry your own food if you want to have there. Two hours time would be okay to visit if you do not want to sit there for loner time.